METKA and Student Parliament?

What is METKA?

The Student Union of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences – METKA is a community for all the students in Metropolia. Its legal task is to supervise the interests and further the social and societal interests of the students. This means that when a student faces problems in life, METKA will be there to solve these issues. In addition, the student union offers several services to its members:

  • the official student card, enabling many profound student benefits around the world
  • tutoring services
  • Zone sports and well-being services
  • culture and leisure events
  • club activities
  • internationalization and social interactions
  • the best possible student life experience.

Becoming a member of the student union is voluntary and METKA’s operations are done from the student’s point of view. Each member of METKA is welcome to become an active!

Who uses power in the student union?

The highest decision making power in the student union is wielded by the student parliament of METKA. It consists of 25 representatives and up to 25 vice representatives elected annually through an election. Eligible to vote are all the members of the student union. The student parliament holds decision making power over economical and strategical plans as well as the operational plan, executed by the board of METKA.

The executive power is held by the board of METKA, elected for one year term by the student parliament. Their job is to execute the decisions of the student parliament and report to the parliament about the work done regarding the operational plan, financial matters and strategic execution.

METKA also has several hired employees helping the student parliament and the board of METKA.

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You can get further information regarding the elections from METKA's members of the board Susanna Ronkainen and Nimo Samatar and also from election board of METKA from

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